Solar Eclipse Early Dismissal- April 8, 2024

NL Families,

As I am sure you are all aware our geographical area will be experiencing a very rare solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th. This eclipse brings many educational opportunities and experiences for our students that we would like to take advantage of as a school district. The exact timing of the eclipse has made this challenging as the eclipse is taking place during our regular school dismissal. The Eclipse will begin at around 2:10pm and will end after 3:30pm on Monday, April 8th.

Being that we do not want our students to experience the eclipse on a school bus, and it is important not to look at the sun unprotected during the eclipse, the district has decided to amend the time of the school day on Monday, April 8th. The New Lebanon Central School District will dismiss our Jr/Sr. High School students at 12:15pm and our elementary students will dismiss school at 1:15pm (2 hours earlier than usual). This will allow all students to be able to experience the eclipse safely at home and not from a school bus.

The district is purchasing paper solar protective glasses to be sent home with each child so that they can experience the eclipse safely. These will be sent home on Monday, April 8th.

Eclipse Resources:

We appreciate your understanding and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Andrew M. Kourt
Superintendent of Schools