Jr/Sr High School Clubs & Activities

Offered programs are based upon student interest and student suggestions for club offerings are always welcome.


Archery Club Archery club will focus on developing archery skills and provide a physical activity for those students who are not involved in other school sports. It also gives students a chance to learn a hobby that they can do for the rest of their lives with a minimal investment and does not require coordination with a group of others. There are also a lot of hunters/sportsmen in the area and being a member of this club will provide them with an opportunity to display/compare their skills with others across the state at the NYS NASP Tournament in March of each year.
AV Club AV Club is a video creation and editing club. Students create unique videos or try to replicate popular YouTube and TikTok videos. Our goal is to create a viral video. We explore what makes videos go viral and learn from people like Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast who is the leading video creator in the world.
Fitness Club Fitness club is for all students who have a desire to learn new exercises and to become physically fit.  Fitness club consists of students of a wide variety of abilities.  You do not need to the strongest person in the school to be apart of the Fitness Club. We will set you up on an individual fitness plan that is tailored to each student’s fitness goal.  We currently meet Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 2:15-3:00.  In the winter months it will be open Monday-Friday from 2:15-3:00.
Just Food Club Just Food is a club that meets weekly to cook and bake for the community. Students choose cooking and baking projects where the results are shared and/or sold to fellow students.  In addition, Just Food organizes and prepares the annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Memorial Day Brunch served to the community. Students participate in preparing food for that event in addition to decorating.  We plan to add “The Big Cheese” in 2023, a community wide mac-n-cheese cook off.
Makerspace Club The Makerspace club meets in the library three days a week, usually Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Students are given the opportunity to create and design with a variety of high and low tech materials.
Manga Club The Manga club is a group of students who share a passion for Japanese comics and graphic novels. They meet in the school library every other Thursday to discuss their favorite manga series, participate in manga-themed games and crafts, and learn about Japanese culture. It is a welcoming and inclusive community that allows students to connect with others who share their love for manga.
Spanish Club Cultural exploration of the Spanish-speaking world through foods, movies, music and the arts. Frequency of meetings: 1-2 times per month, depending on the planned activity
Spirit Club Students in this club help spread a positive message throughout the school in addition to organizing and planning events such as homecoming, pep rallies, and spirit week throughout the year.
Student Leadership Council (SLC) Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a student government and community service organization with the objective of giving the student body a voice in school events, affairs, and culture, as well as providing the student body with opportunities to help others and positively impact the school and greater New Lebanon community. Students elect a student government, and that student government runs the meetings, decides on topics of debate and service projects, and will represent the organization as a whole. With the four pillars of: Leadership, Service, Character, and Career/Scholarship, SLC allows students in all grades 7-12 opportunities to grow and foster their leadership skills through meaningful discussion, community service, and advocacy. Some events the organization are involved with include: the NLCSD backpack program, the NLCSD community Thanksgiving Dinner, revamping the school courtyard, running high school announcements, among many others!
Travel Club Travel Club is designed to educate students by immersing them in new cultures and environments. Travel Club takes a yearly trip overseas during Spring Recess. Membership is open to students who will be in grades 9-12 when travel takes place.
Yearbook Students get to organize, edit, and compose the yearbook annually.  Students are given jobs such as photographing school events and designing all aspects of the yearbook.