HELPme by STOPit Solutions

Dear NL Families,

The New Lebanon Central School District is excited to introduce the HELPme app – a 24/7 support system for students, families, and school employees.  The HELPme app empowers every member of our school community to seek assistance whenever they need it. For example:

          · Students battling bullying or depression

          · Families requiring essentials like food or housing

          · School Employees navigating stressful times

          · Anyone grappling with personal challenges

What makes the HELPme app unique is that it’s completely anonymous. It allows users to ask for help, while protecting their privacy and dignity.  With the HELP me app, you can ask for and receive help in three ways:

          · Privately connect with local resources

          · Anonymously Text with trained counselors

          · Request Help directly from your school

This week your child’s principal will be meeting with students in grades 6 through 12 to share this and explain how to utilize this new tool.  Students will watch a short video explaining the program and have access to a URL code to download the app on electronic devices.  All district owned devices will automatically have the Help Me application installed.

We kindly urge our families to download the HELPme app, not only to guide your children in how to use the app effectively, but also to use the app whenever YOU need support.

Getting Started with HELPme:

          1. Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.



          2. Select your school from the dropdown menu or enter the code provided by the school.

          3. Accept the Terms & Conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s principal or myself if you have any questions on this new support system for our school district.

Very Fondly,

Andrew Kourt
Superintendent of Schools