Please support the BackPack Program

Back pack full of healthy food itemsAs a parent, you always make sure your children are well fed and have nutritious food to ensure they’ll grow up big and strong. But imagine the feeling you’d have if your child said, “I’m hungry,” but you couldn’t afford to feed them. No parent should have to feel this way.

The BackPack Program of the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York currently provides 30 children in the New Lebanon Central School District with a backpack full of nutritious foods each week to ensure they won’t go hungry when other resources aren’t available, such as on holidays and weekends.

Parents and teachers alike have seen the impact the program has made on New Lebanon CSD children.

“I noticed a student saving food from breakfast at the bottom of his backpack,” said one teacher. “Now he comes to school more frequently and does not store the food anymore.”

“I would like to thank the community because everything helps nowadays,” said one parent. “We do use everything that’s sent home!”

The program is supported through a grant that provides decreasing funds by year. The district relies on donations from community members like you to supplement the costs. Currently, the program is in desperate need of your support. Without it, the program may not be able to support all the children in the district that so desperately need it.

Please consider sponsoring a child in our district for a full school year for just $167.00. Visit for more information or call the school district at 794-7600 to sign up.

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