New Lebanon CSD High School Awards

New Lebanon Central School District

The New Lebanon CSD would like to congratulate all the hard-working High Schoolers who have recently received academic awards – well-deserved!

First Name Last Name Awards
Lora Aquario Artistic Excellence
Cori Batuk-Lubbers Academic Excellence in Art
Lee Blenke Library Leadership Award // Students of Integrity Award
Zach Briggs Most Improved in PE
Liam Buckenroth Most Improved in Algebra II // Superlative Effort in PE
Trinity Burgess Consistent Effort in Algebra
Ben Chaput Consistent Effort in English
Forest Chaput Consistent Effort in PE
Kevin Chittenden Academic Excellence in PE
Dominic Crawley Most Improved in Global
Kayden Crawley Academic Excellence in US History // Most Improved in English // Students of Integrity Award
Paris Darcy Students of Integrity Award
Faith Davis Most Improved in Entrepreneurship
Alana Dwy Choral Excellence // Most Improved in Government & Economics
Winter Exley Choral Excellence // Consistent Effort in CFM and Entrepreneurship
Olivia Goodermote Most Thoughtful in ELA // Most Improved in Art
Rachel Handley Most Artistic
Logan Hendrick Consistent Effort in ELA
Josh Hunter-Marti Most Improved in Geometry and Spanish // Students of Integrity Award
Gabriel Kalisz Academic Excellence in Geometry, Global, English and Earth Science
Carol Kirsimagi Contagious Positivity Award // REAP Award in Algebra // Consistent Effort in PE // Students of Integrity Award
Chelsea Lee Most Improved in Statistics // Consistent Effort in All Academic Courses
Aiden Linn Star Participator in Algebra
Cassidy Lottey Most Improved in ELA
Eli O’Connor Students of Integrity Award
Sadie Owens Library Leadership Award
Eliza Pond Students of Integrity Award
Tallulah Powers Most Inquisitive in Power of Voice
Morgan Preston Academic Excellence in PE
Abigail Prusky Consistent Effort in Global
Austin Pryor Continued Persistent Across All Subjects
Riley Robertson Consistent Effort in Geometry and PE
Sage Rogers Consistent Effort in Spanish
Patrick Root Most Improved in English
Dua Sadiq Consistent Effort in Art // Hilarious Yet Thoughtful Commentator in English
Abigail Seyerlein Consistent Effort in Geometry
Allison Slater Academic Excellence in Spanish and Geometry
Olivia Smith Academic Excellence in Spanish // Consistent Effort in Environmental Science // Students of Integrity Award
Alex Sotek Academic Excellence in Algebra // Willingness to Try in PE
Jaden Tompkins Choral Excellence // Consistent Effort in Government and Economics
Lindsay Tompkins Academic Excellence in Spanish, Algebra, and PE
Sasha Truax Choral Excellence // Academic Excellence in University English // Students of Integrity Award