Important Information Regarding Prom 2022


Tuxedos: If you rented a tuxedo from Tux Express in Pittsfield and you would like delivery and pick up service, they will be delivered to Berlin HS on Thursday, May 12th, where you can pick them up. If you return it to Berlin by Monday, May 16th, it will be delivered back to Tux Express otherwise you will have to return it yourself. 

Grand March: Only prom attendees are allowed at the prom venue which is why we hold Grand March. 

This event is so that family and friends can see the prom attendees all dressed up and for photos to be taken. Grand March starts at 4:00 and attendees are expected to arrive at the school between 3:45 and 4:00. There will be a bus available at NL that can take you to Berlin at 3:40 if you wish. When you arrive you will be given a card to hand to the announcer as you enter the stage. You will enter between the black curtain and the green curtain. One person should enter stage left and the other stage right so that you meet in the middle of the stage. Hold your position for about 30 seconds for photos and then exit down the right side stairs (closest to the gym) and out the back of the auditorium. If the tree is in bloom the courtyard will be open for photos. 

Prom: Arrive to Bloom’s Meadows by 5:00. There will be a bus available to bring you to the prom venue from Berlin if you wish. There will be a sign listing everyone’s table numbers and where they are sitting. Food service will begin at 6:00. From 5-6 you can explore the venue for lots of photo opportunities. 

Photos: If you are interested in purchasing photo packages, see the form that has been sent home for pricing. Complete the form and bring it with you to prom. Payments should be made directly to the photographer. The photographer will be set up in the tower. There will also be a “photo booth” set up in a room just off the entrance to the venue. Printed copies of photos will be available one week after the event and you can pick them up from the Junior class advisor. 

Vehicles: If you are attending AfterProm, please make arrangements to have someone follow you to Blooms Meadows to pick up your vehicle if you drive, as you are required to ride the bus from the prom venue to Berlin MS/HS. Your vehicle can be dropped off at the MS/HS or you have the option of riding the bus to the venue and leaving your vehicle at the school after Grand March. Vehicles may not be left at the prom venue overnight. 

AfterProm: Your change of clothes for AfterProm should be brought to Grand March and your bag can be put in the gym. Everyone that goes to AfterProm must complete the permission form and return it by Prom Promise. Outside guests can scan it or take a picture of it and email it or it can be faxed to: Berlin MS/HS Attn: K. Day Fax: 518-658-2535. Transportation is provided to and from Berlin MS/HS and Spare Time in Clifton Park. Students will arrive back at Berlin at 3:30 and may stay to enjoy a breakfast buffet at the school. ALL students must be picked up and leave by 6:00 AM.

The Class of 2023 Prom Committee and advisors have worked very hard on this event and the Code of Conduct No Tolerance Policy is in effect for the entirety of the event. Anyone that chooses not to follow the Code of Conduct will be removed and asked to leave.