Help with the 2020 United States Census!

image of united states census 2020 logoThe 2020 Census is slated to begin in January. While you may not realize it, the data collected in the decennial count (completed every 10 years) has many purposes for our country. Census results determine how millions of dollars of federal funding are allocated, the number of seats your state receives in Congress among other things, not to mention being required by the United States Constitution!

For these reasons (among others), it’s extremely important to compile accurate and complete data. A successful Census requires everyone’s help – and there are many ways to get involved! Guides for respondents to complete the 2020 Census are available for download in several languages here.

Beyond ensuring you and your families data is recorded accurately, the Census Bureau is hiring thousands of individuals to help with this effort.

Temporary positions are located throughout the country (and many in our region) for census takers, recruiting assistants, office staff and supervisory staff. Candidates must complete an application including assessment questions about your education, work and other experience. Learn more about the opportunities available at