NL Jr/Sr High School brings dating violence prevention play to students

This winter, New Lebanon Jr/Sr High school is providing students in grades 7-12 with educational performances about healthy relationships and dating violence. These are highly interactive programs sponsored by Deana’s Educational Theatre.

Students in grades 7-9 will be participating in an assembly performance called Remote Control.  The hour-long performance will explore issues, attitudes, and beliefs about dating relationships, and incorporates skill-building exercises designed to encourage healthy decision-making.

Remote Control helps students:

–  Identify and understand the early warning signs of abusive relationship

–  Understand the prevalence of violent relationships, why victims stay in relationships, and why it is hard to break up

–  Learn how to help a friend who is a victim of abuse

Students in grades 10-12 will be participating in a theatrical performance called The Yellow Dress. The hour-long performance is a dramatic one-woman play based on the stories of young women who were victims of dating violence. The carefully constructed program stimulates thought-provoking discussion about relationships. Audiences are clearly moved by the story of a young woman who warmly tells us of her relationship that begins as young love, full of passion and promise — and ends in tragedy.

The Yellow Dress helps students:

– Recognize the early warning signs of abuse

–  Learn how to help friends and family members who are victims or perpetrators of abuse

–  Understand the cycle of abuse

– Access and utilize community resources

Please feel free to visit Deana’s Educational Theatre at for more information.