Meet Matt Grubler, Science Teacher

New Lebanon CSD is excited to welcome Matt Grubler to the district. Learn more about our new science teacher in his own words.

GrublerWhat is your education background?

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado in kinesiology and applied physiology.  Then earned a Master of Science in sustainability and the urban environment from the City College of New York.  Most recently, I earned a Master of Education in secondary science education from NYU.

What is your background like – previous jobs?

Prior to becoming an educator, I worked as a medical device sales representative.  I sold and supported instruments and implants for spinal surgery.  The bulk of my time was spent in the operating room with surgical teams directing and monitoring the usage of our products.  I also have some experience with urban agriculture, working briefly on a rooftop farm in Brooklyn.

This is my fifth year as a teacher, previously teaching middle and high school science in NYC

Tell us about your family?

I live with my wife of six years, Amanda, and our two beautiful girls Dorothy (4) and Henrietta (7 months).

What are your interests outside of school?

Outside of school I enjoy being outdoors and active: biking, hiking, cross country skiing. I am very interested in issues related to sustainability, health and agriculture.  I also like reading, listening to music and exploring new places and things.  I’m a curious soul.