2019 High School Academic Awards

High School students were honored on June 4 at the Academic Awards Ceremony.  Students were presented with Academic Awards, Special Awards and were recognized for achieving Honor Roll.

The following awards and winners were presented:

9th & 10th Grade Academic Awards
Leah Blatt- Most Creative in Studio Art
Benjamin Chaput- Academic Excellence in P.E and Geometry
Forest Chaput – Academic Excellence in PE, Spanish, and Earth Science, Most Improved in Jazz Band
Kevin Chittenden – Academic Excellence in PE
Matthew Corsey – Stay Curious Award in Global
Mikayla Corsey – Consistent Effort in PE and English, Academic Excellence in Spanish
Madison Denue – Consistent Effort in English, REAP (Respect, Effort, Attitude and Participation) in Mathematical Modeling
Winter Exley – Academic Excellence in PE
Charles Gadomski – Most Improved in Global
Rachel Handley – Most Improved in PE Consistent Effort in Global and English
Chelsea Lee – Persistence and Determination Award, Consistent Effort in Algebra, Great Contributor in English
Sadie Owens -Enthusiasm in Learning Award
Eliza Pond –  Most Helpful in English
Wyatt Powers – Consistent Effort in PE and Current Events
Morgan Preston – Consistent Effort in Spanish
Austin  Pryor -Most Improved in PE
Devin Simmons -Most Improved in English
Jaden Tompkins          Academic Excellence in Chemistry, Spanish, Intro to Business, and Current Events
Sasha Truax – Most Improved in Senior Band, Most Artistic in Current Events, Academic Excellence in Global, Spanish, and English, REAP (Respect, Effort, Attitude and Participation) in Algebra, Musicians MVP Award
Jacob Weaver – Consistent Effort in PE and Earth Science

Rotary Youth Leadership Award
Winter Exley

Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award
Jaden   Tompkins
Sasha   Truax

11th & 12th Grade Academic Awards
Joseph Acquario – Consistent Effort in PE, Financial Investment Award
Elijah Barry – Academic Excellence in Jazz Band and Environmental Science, Artistic Excellence in Drawing and Painting, Think Like a Historian Award
Aliza Berry – Consistent Effort in English
Emma Blatt – Academic Excellence in Residential Structure
Olivia Bruno – Consistent Effort in US History
Keagan Carson – Economist of the Year, Financial Investment Award, Academic Excellence in AP Calculus
Jack Criscione – Consistent Effort in CADD
Olivia Criscione – Most Improved in Residential Structures and English, Consistent Effort in Current Events
Rose Denue – Business Skills and Work Award
Caleb Dupee -Persistence and Perseverance Award, Most Improved in Government and Economics
Tiffany Eggleston – Most Improved in Physics
Clayton Erickson – Most Improved in Drawing and Painting
Emily Hamilton – Academic Excellence in DDP and Environmental Science
Brandon Hendrick – Consistent Effort in University Foundations for Business
Collin McCarty – Most Improved in Career and Financial Management, Choral REAP Award
Savannah McLaughlin – Most Improved in DDP
Jeffrey Miller – Consistent Effort in PE, Chemistry, and Pre Calc
Cheyenne Powell – Academic Excellence in US History
Tyler Price – Academic Excellence in PE, Consistent Effort in Drawing and Painting
Emily Schafer – Academic Excellence in Pre Calc
Sydney Smith – Business Skills and Work Award
Aaliyah Stalker – Consistent Effort in PE, Academic Excellence in English, Choral ExcellenceDaniel Truax – Academic Excellence in Senior Band and Pre Calc, Stellar Student Award, Above and Beyond Choral Award
Sarah Williams – Most Improved in Pre Calc
Natalie Zema – Academic Excellence in Studio Art, REAP (Respect, Effort, Attitude, and Participation) in Calculus

 Good Citizen Award
Winter Exley
Eliza Pond
Tyler Price
Sydney Smith

Knights of Pythias
Nathaniel Austin

Special Junior Awards & Scholarships
Rose Denue – Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award

Williams College Book Award
Emily Schafer

Elmira College Key Award
Rose Denue
Sydney Smith

Clarkson Achievement Award
Isabella Bruns

St. Michael’s College Book Award
Shawn  Pawlows
Daniel Truax

R.P.I. Medal Award
Emily Schafer

The Student Sage Award
Ethan Boyd
Brianna Lee

Frederick Douglas & Susan B. Anthony Award
Ethan   Boyd

Wells 21st Century Leadership Award
Amelia McDonald
Brianna Shuhart

Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology
Sydney Smith

George Eastman Young Leaders Award
Sarah Williams

Clarkson Leadership Award
Emily Schafer

Gellert Cornell Admission Invitation
Isabella Bruns
Daniel  Truax

University at Albany Multicultural High School Achievers Award
Ethan Boyd

Triple “C” Award
Sydney Smith
Daniel  Truax