Capital Project Phase Three Update (10/4/22)

Phase 3 of the $11,855,000 capital project planning approved by voters in May 2017 is now underway. After bids from the original capital project work were lower than expected, extra funds were available for additional projects with no extra cost to taxpayers. These funds are being used for other necessary repairs and maintenance to both the Jr./Sr. high school, elementary school, and bus garage. Phase 3 projects are expected to begin in January 2023 and are scheduled to be finished in October 2023.

At the Jr./Sr. High School the following projects will take place:

-Masonry reconstruction as needed on the outside of the Jr./Sr. High School
-Reconstruct a portion of the gym roof that’s susceptible of leaking
-Adding new interior doors, and a security camera to the vestibule
-Updating the building control panels
-Reconstruction of the weight room (Room 141)
-Reconstruction of the cornice/fascia

At Walter B. Howard Elementary School the following projects will take place:

-Updating the building control panels
-Adding a water softener
-Mitigating ground water in WBH basement

At the Bus Garage the following projects will take place:

-Upgrade the fire alarm system
-Reconstruction of the fuel island

“We take great pride in our district’s facilities. As a district, we are dedicated to use all approved capital project funds to enhance programs, improve our facilities, and maintain a safe environment for our staff and students.” – Andrew Kourt