Capital Project Phase Two Update

Phase Two of the $11,855,000 capital project approved by voters in May 2017 is now complete. After bids from the capital project work were lower than expected, extra funds were available for additional projects with no extra cost to the district. These funds were used for other necessary repairs and maintenance to both the Jr./Sr. high school and elementary school.

At the Jr./Sr. High School one of the two boilers was re-tubed. The water tubing inside the boiler was replaced allowing it to run more efficiently. Structural damage on the exterior wall outside of the library, science rooms, and part of the hallway was also repaired.

At Walter B. Howard Elementary School a new bathroom was installed that is accessible from the exterior playground. These restrooms will be used during outdoor and community events. An additional staff restroom was also updated.

“We take great pride in our district’s facilities. As a district, we are dedicated to use all approved capital project funds to improve our facilities and provide opportunities for our students.” – Andrew Kourt

New outdoor accessible restrooms:

Updated faculty restroom: