Capital Project Construction Update

The $11,855,000 capital project that New Lebanon Central School District voters approved in May 2017, is nearing completion with only a few small projects left to wrap up. The work is expected to be completed by mid-December.

Last summer, work began at the Jr/Sr High School replacing interior doors and frames. This work continued into the fall/winter of 2019 as crews also renovated bathrooms and plumbing fixtures at WBH, installed new exterior lights and upgraded the fire alarm systems at both schools.

At the Jr/Sr High School, last fall saw the construction of a new facilities storage building, new floors in hallways, renovation of the business classroom, the addition of spectator windows in the pool area, a new kiln room in the art wing, and a variety of additional infrastructure projects in classrooms throughout the building.

While work this spring was impacted by the transition to remote learning, crews were able to continue working and complete a number of projects while our buildings were closed. WBH saw the construction of a new secure vestibule entrance and main office reorganization, a new gymnasium and physical education office, substantial upgrades to the kitchen and HVAC systems, and new hallway and classroom lighting.

Most recently at the Jr/Sr High School, exterior doors have been replaced, the boys and girls locker rooms have been fully renovated from the ground up, and repairs and finishes were completed in several classrooms and the nurse’s office, HVAC, mechanical equipment and lighting was upgraded.

Both schools saw exterior site work completed during the spring and summer months as well.

“I am very excited to show off our new facilities to our community once we get through the pandemic. The new gym in our elementary school will be a highlight of our community.  This work was needed in our buildings, as it was the largest renovation our schools had seen in more than 50 years. These updates, enhancements and additions will allow us to continue to offer the robust academic program New Lebanon is known for. I would like to thank our faculty, staff and families for the flexibility as this work has been completed over the past several years,” said Superintendent Andrew Kourt.