New Lebanon Elementary students slime principal as reading reward

Students throwing slime on principal KourtTo the delight of students, New Lebanon Elementary School’s principal Andrew Kourt got slimed on Monday, November 19.

Kourt offered to be slimed by each top reader for their class, if the student body read 60,000 minutes during the month of November. The students read voraciously and surpassed their goal by reading a total of 62,212 minutes.

Congratulations to the top readers for each class: Declan Delaney, Luke Foggan, Wyatt Foggan, Aria Cahill, Aleah Gallup, Lyla Davis, Lucy Fougere, Julian Houghtling, Levi Giumarra, Richard Bachner, Vivienne Powers, Ariana Davis, Addison Powell and Huck Gail.