Summer Reading Camp Offers Students Support During Summer Months

Summer Reading Camp at the Jr./Sr. High School provides students in grades K-5 with additional support and the opportunity to succeed in reading and writing throughout the summer.

“The goal is for them not to regress over the summer. We want them to maintain their skills,” says 2nd-grade teacher Melissa Stevens.

For six weeks every Monday through Thursday Melissa Stevens and fellow 2nd grade and special education teacher Courtney Wheat co-teach the summer reading program. The primary focus of the program is reading and writing. The summer camp is divided into four skill groups: reading to self with Chromebooks, reading with a teacher, a handwriting center, and word work. Students also have time at the end of the session to choose which skill group they would like to spend more time working on.

“For some of our students keeping a semblance of routine is really important for them because having that structure makes the return in the fall much easier,” says Wheat.

Reading is the backbone of fundamental learning. By taking part in the reading summer program students are helping themselves to improve in other subjects such as math and science.

The summer reading program is by invitation only to students who have been recommended by a teacher. The program runs for two and a half hours each morning, and arrangements are made so that students who attend the Shatford Park Summer Camp can participate in the program.