Statement from Superintendent Leslie Whitcomb

Please read the statement below from Superintendent Leslie Whitcomb:
I have been struggling to collect my thoughts on the turmoil that our nation has experienced recently. Personally, the events of the past days and weeks call to mind the painful times during the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and to say I am heartbroken is an understatement. Please know our counselors are available to any student who may need to discuss their thoughts and concerns.
I would like to share the words of my colleague, Dr. Maria Suttmeier, Superintendent of the Hudson City School District, because they represent my current feelings and they seem very wise.
“I am personally deeply disturbed by the news over the past week. I do not and will not involve myself in political discussions. However, as a leader in this community, I will not stand by silently when I know we have youth and adults hurt by the injustice that still exists in our world. The subject matter is complex but in simple terms love and peace are the results of love and peace and hate and violence are the results of hate and violence. As responsible educators, we must teach love and peace.”