Parent Letter About Remote Instruction Option

Principals Andrew Kourt and Matt Klafehn shared this letter on August 3 with families about a remote instruction option for September.

Dear Families,

As stated in our reopening plan posted on Friday, July 31, that plan is a living document. We are continuing to develop our plans to reopen our schools in September, consistent with all applicable federal, state and local guidelines and directives.

As we stated in our plan, if the governor requires, we will offer a remote instruction option to families. At this time, we need to gather information to assist us in planning for that possibility.

Parents should understand that if a remote instruction option is provided, that instruction will not replicate the in-person instruction offered in our schools. The district will, however, follow NYS Education Department guidelines for tutoring of students on home instruction.

Considering our current staffing limitations, we are exploring the possibility of developing a shared tutoring service through our BOCES or purchasing a tutoring service staffed with NYSED certified teachers. It is unlikely that the tutoring will be provided by New Lebanon CSD faculty.

Please contact your building principal if you anticipate any barrier for your child(ren)’s return to school. Please make sure to let us know if your child’s barrier is related to a health concern.

WBH Elementary School: Andrew Kourt,, 518-7994-7600 prompt 1

New Lebanon Jr/Sr High School: Matt Klafehn,, 518-794-7600 prompt 2

We thank you in advance for helping us plan by providing this information.