Junior High School Supply List 2022-23

Junior High Supply List

Junior High School Supply List 2022-23

Social Studies:
1 two-pocket folder
1 Spiral notebook

1- ½ inch binder
5 divider tabs
Loose leaf paper

Math 7 & 8:
1- ½ inch binder
1 calculator for use at home
TI-30XS Calculator (recommended)

1- ½ inch binder
1 pk colored pencils
1 pk index cards

1- ½ inch binder

Technology (8th Grade):
1 Spiral notebook
1- Two Pocket Folder
3- #2 pencils

Art (7th grade):
8×11 Sketchbook
Black sharpie marker
#2 pencils
Pencil box or zipper case

Overall list for Junior High School:

2-Spiral Notebook
2-Two Pocket Folder
4-1 ½” binder
1-pk colored pencils
1-pk index cards
1-8×11 sketchbook
1-black Sharpie marker
1-pk #2 pencils
1-pk of 5 binder divider tabs
1-loose leaf paper
1- pencil box or zipper case
Swimsuit for winter PE class

Nice to have:

Locker mate shelf for storage
Small hand pencil sharpener

The large, multi-subject binders have not been effective in the past and typically fall apart early in the year. Parents are encouraged NOT to purchase these binders or “Trapper Keepers”.