High School Drinking Water Update 9/8/22

Last school year, NY state mandated that all school districts test for PFO and PFOAS in their water supply. Towards the end of last winter one of the water tests at NL Jr./Sr. High School came back slightly above the state threshold for PFOS (all water testing at WBH has always tested at the normal range.).The district immediately started purchasing water for drinking and consuming at our Jr./Sr. High School. We began developing a remediation plan with both the NY and Columbia County Departments of Health.

The Columbia County Department of Health very recently approved a filtration system that will be attached to the Jr/Sr High School water supply. This project will cost over $100,000 and will have to be purchased by the district using funds from this year’s budget. The district is working to find grants to help fund some of this project. The project is currently out for bid and we are hopeful that it will start in the coming weeks.

The good news is that recent water testing at our Jr./Sr. High School has found levels to be testing average for PFOs.  Even with these lower levels, the district is still required to install an elaborate filtration system to permanently remedy these fluctuating water levels. To see water testing results, see our district website at: https://www.newlebanoncsd.org/district/pfos/. Until the filtration system is installed, the district will continue to supply water for drinking and consumption at our Jr/Sr High School.  We will certainly keep you posted throughout this project.