Free & Reduced School Meals Update

Don’t forget to sign up for free & reduced school meals! Why are school meals applications so important? Because they are more than just a meal application! By submitting an application the district could receive extra benefits on top of free or discounted meals that include academic programming, athletics, discounted college application fees, classroom resources, and more! The application process brings tax revenue back into the district and directly into the school meals program to provide high-quality food for breakfast and lunch. Your application will also help the district receive school meal funding to improve the school meals programs, education, and technology funding. Plus, all of your information remains confidential. Apply here.

If you qualify for SNAP, MEDICAID, TANF, or other forms of assistance you already qualify for school meals. By filling out an application you are helping the district become eligible for extra benefits.

Find more information about our free and reduced meals on our Food Service page.