Extracurriculars Return at JSHS

We are pleased to announce that beginning Monday, October 18th, after school extracurricular activities will return.  Students who participate in clubs or who are looking to stay after school with a teacher for extra help (by appointment) are able to board the late bus.  The bus leaves at 3:00 from the JSHS.  From there, it takes the students to WBH, where they board their regular bus to take them home.  If interested, please have your child keep their ear to the ground and listen for announcements with regard to club meetings and times.  Students can also connect with club advisors to get more information here at school!

Appetites Anonymous- Britt Buckenroth & Michelle Lagonia

Archery Club – Lenny Brown & Frank Healy

Fitness Club – Frank Healy & Lenny Brown

Literary Arts Club – Donna Covert

Makerspace – Britt Buckenroth

Outspoken! – Tricia White & Meghan Evans

Spirit Club – Michelle Bienes & Britt Buckenroth

Student Leadership Council – Aaron Kanofsky & Brooke Dickson

Travel Club – Aaron Kanofsky, Michelle Bienes & Sarah Roblez

Yearbook – Michelle Bienes

Yoga Club – Michelle Lagonia