Water Filtration Update 5/25/23

The district is pleased to share that the PFAS water testing at the Jr./Sr. High School has come back negative, meaning there were no detectable PFAS levels in our water supplies. The most recent water testing on April 20, 2023, did not detect any PFAS in the new water filtration system. 

Since January 2022 the district has been supplying drinking water for students, staff, and the kitchen after a state-mandated water test for PFAS came back slightly above the state threshold.

A new water filtration system was installed at the Jr./Sr. High School in March and after the most recent testing on April 20th the new system has been cleared and the water is now drinkable.  The district is no longer supplying alternate drinking water for consumption to our school community, as our water supply is now cleared for drinking.

We would like to thank our students and staff for graciously dealing with this situation and our maintenance staff who have been delivering the water to the Jr./Sr. High School every day for our students and staff to use.