WBH elementary students turn principal into a nacho as a reading goal reward

Principal KourtDuring the month of November, WBH students in Pre-K to 6 read at home for the annual Readathon. If students read at least 60,000 minutes, Principal Andrew Kourt would become a human nacho. Students surpassed their goal, reading a total of 61,243 minutes.

The top readers from each class were:
Ms. Watts Pre-K- Emma Gallup with 1095 minutes.
Ms. Bove Kindergarten- Declan Delany with 781 minutes.
Ms. deOliveira Kindergarten- Walter Bolton with 480 minutes.
Ms. Schaible 1st grade- Job Templi. With 505 minutes.
Ms. Ouumet 1st grade- Jay Kreutziger with 620 minutes.
Ms. Heslin 2nd grade- Kassidy Ward with 828 minutes.
Ms. Cook 2nd grade- Aleah Gallup with 1175 minutes.
Ms. Jubie 3rd grade- Lucy Fougere with 1244 minutes.
Ms. Rank 3rd grade- Katelyn Perreault with 958 minutes.
Ms.Joyce 4th grade- Julian Houghtling with 1320 minutes.
Ms. Chandler 4th grade- Grace Kalisz with 1420 minutes.
Ms. Simmons 5th grade- Vivienne Powers with 1383 minutes.
Ms. Mastin 5th grade- Alexandrea Celis with 1112 minutes.
Ms. Smith 6th grade- Luke Spears with 3050 minutes. Luke was also the top reader of the school!
Mr. Bonacquisti 6th grade- Avery Fernandez with 1320 minutes.

The class participation winner was Mrs. Jubie’s class with a total of 14 students who participated. Just to be sure that no food went to waste, all of the human nacho ingredients were donated to The Powell Ranch for some yummy pig slop!!!!

See more photos here.