Celebrating Our Innovative Remote Learners

Though hybrid and remote learning has brought about many challenges, many of our students seem to be thriving under these unique circumstances. Most families have opted for “hybrid learning” — a mix of both in-person and online instruction. Other families have chosen “remote learning”— completing their schoolwork entirely online this school year.

Regardless of their learning model, our district has focused on keeping students and staff safe while still providing them with valuable instruction that gives them the resources to do meaningful work in person and at home. These approaches to learning are not static, as recent increases in the spread of the Coronavirus have forced us to revert back to full-time remote learning at the drop of a dime.

Continuing to show success during a national pandemic is no easy feat! Our students have shown perseverance, dedication, and responsibility in an innovative learning landscape never experienced before.

We are celebrating student success in online learning by highlighting their growth and achievements. We would like to take this opportunity to recognize our students who  have proven success during this unprecedented time, as well as gain some insight from their overall experiences. What can we learn from them?

One of our 12th grade students, Kaylee Pratt says, ““If I were to give another student advice on how to succeed during this time, I would say to keep a consistent schedule. Doing this will motivate and push you to get all of your work done by a specific time. This has helped me tremendously and has allowed me to succeed in times where I felt I was struggling. Good luck!”

Watch the video below for some insider information on what our students think of learning during a national pandemic and a special message from some of our teachers!


Innovative Learners

Darian Bates
Liam Buckenroth
Jonathan Carr
Kevin Chittenden
Dominic Crawley
Kayden Crawley
Winter Exley
Andrea Gallup
Rachel Handley
Gabriel Kalisz
Chelsea Lee
Costanza Major
Tallulah Powers
Wyatt Powers
Kaylee Pratt
Abby Prusky
Maranda Ramsey
Riley Robertson
Holly Schafer
Abby Seyerlein
Devin Simmons
Allison Slater
Lindsey Tompkins
Jaden Tompkins
Katie Tremblay
Jacob Weaver