BNL Softball Senior Night 2024

On May 2nd, BNL celebrated Senior Night with our three lovely seniors, Trinity Burgess, Elizabeth Hunt, and Katie Tremblay. The team faced Cambridge in a battle of a game, gaining the lead with two runs scored in the second inning. Lizzy was a force on the bases, scoring on three stolen bases, followed up by Alex Pierce who also scored.

We faced one tough inning where Cambridge took the lead. During the fifth inning, Lilly Gardell crushed a hit to give her a double that sent Sandstrom home to score. Jaylynn Harmon pitched a wonderful game with 7 strikeouts and only 3 walks. The final score ended 10-4, with our girls’ heads held high and ready for the next matchup. -Coach Giglio

After the game the team gathered to celebrate this year’s seniors. Find speeches from juniors Lilly Gardell, Alex Pierce and Sam Pierce below.

Trinity Burgess

Trinity, we wanted to say as sad as we are seeing you go, we’re proud. We’re proud to see the continuous effort you put in, to not only better yourself, but also to better the team. You’ve been on this team for two years and your consistency has clearly been shown. Besides adding on the field, you add off of it as well. Your jokes, and constant positive attitude is what builds the strong foundation of a team. As a team we wanted to thank you for being you, and you will be missed. -Sam Pierce

Elizabeth Hunt

Lizzy, I never thought I would say that playing wiffle ball in PE would lead us to you playing softball for the first time since seventh grade. I remember when you came in after dominating during class and told me you were going to play softball. I remember coming to soccer practice that day and running to tell Sam and Alex and all of us being ecstatic about it. Then softball season came around – as excited as the team was to play with you, it doesn’t begin to compare to how sad we are that we only get one year with you. Lizzy, you have made so much improvement over the course of one season. You are a hard worker, you never give up, you are never afraid to ask a question, you’re determined to make your plays in the outfield, and put the ball in play during your at bats. This is what makes everyone, including myself, look up to you. You’re a leader in everything you do, and every sport you play. As sad as we are that you’re leaving, we can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Thank you Lizzy for your continued dedication and thank you for deciding to play that one day in wiffle ball. -Lilly Gardell

Katie Tremblay

Katie, although Katie missed last season she came back stronger than before and more determined this season. Katie does what she can to help out the team and give 100% wherever she is in the outfield. Katie’s hard work does not go unnoticed whether it’s chasing after a ball, making great catches in the outfield, or fighting during her at bat to stay in the game. Even when we’re down Katie continues to stay positive and cheer on her teammates. The team wanted to thank Katie for her dedication to the team and say how much she’ll be missed next season. -Alex Pierce

Go BNL!!!