BNL Coach Recaps 4/25-5/5

BNL Varsity Girls Softball 4/25 Coach Recap

 BNL Varsity Girls Softball team traveled to Hoosic Valley and won 10-7. Berlin’s Bailey Catlin pitched a great game with 13 strikeouts. New Lebanon’s Jaezsa Bartolotta was 3 for 4 in hits with 2 RBI’s and Katie Tremblay with 3 RBI’s to help score half of those runs. The girls season is now 3 and 2 and they will travel today to Tamarac. Catch their home games this week on Wednesday and Friday in New Lebanon @ 4:30. -Coach Hudson and Coach Slaver

BNL Track and Field 4/26 Coach Recap

The BNL Track & Field Teams beat Waldorf School but lost to Greenwich and Stillwater at their meet in Greenwich on Tuesday 4/26. Sadie Giumarra came in 2nd in the 400 race. Vivian Whelan finished 2nd and Gabe Kalisz crossed the finish line 1st in the 800s. Elsie Corbett took 1st place in the 3000 and 3rd place in the 1500. Sam Rokjer grabbed 2nd in the 100 hurdles. Lora Acquario placed 2nd in long jump and Ashton Evans was 1st in the triple jump. Angelo Capozzi took 2nd place in shot put and Owen Kane finished 2nd in disc. The teams travel to Maple Hill this Saturday for a meet starting at 9:30 am. – Coach Burhans

BNL Modified Softball 4/28 Coach Recap

The BNL Modified Softball team played their first game against Cambridge on Thursday 4/28. The girls took advantage of the opportunities to steal bases which led to a win with a final score of 19-15. The team took the lead by scoring 10 runs in the first 2 innings and then gaining another 9 runs in the next 4 innings. Jaylynn Harmon and Layla Yerdon pitched a great game with a combination of 9 strikeouts. Juliana Brennan hit a single in the second inning and Ava Long hit a double in the 5th. Anna Lawless did an amazing job stopping runs behind home. Thank you girls for a great first game – we couldn’t have done it without EVERYONE!  -Coach Pangburn & Coach Williams

BNL Track and Field 4/30 Coach Recap

The BNL Track and Field team competed in the Maple Hills Invitational on April 30th against 23 other teams. The BNL girls finished 10th and the boys 18th. The Girls opened by winning the 4×800 race. Elsie Corbett had the best individual finish coming in 3rd in the 3000 and 7th in the 1500. Nora Colin took 5th place in the triple jump and Sophie Ericson earned 7th in the disc and 9th in the shot put. Brady Hills picked up 8th in the 3000. In the 400 meter sprint Sadie Giumarra was 8th, Allura Meizinger 9th.
The boy’s frosh teams picked up two 2nd place finishes in the 400 and 100 sprint relays. Gabe Kalisz had strong finishes to earn a 6th place in the 1600 and 8th in the 3200.  Matt Kluck wrapped up the field events placing 6th in the triple jump. The Modified team has a home meet on Thursday this week and the varsity teams travel to Hoosic Valley and Glens Falls.
-Coach Burhans

BNL Varsity Softball 5/3 Coach Recap

The BNL Varsity Girls Softball team traveled to Emma Willard last night 5/3 and played a great defensive game.  Bailey Catlin had 9 strikeouts and hit a double.  Faith Davis hit a hard triple into right field, and Lilly Gardell hit not one but two doubles, which all led to the girls walking away with a 8-1 win! If the rain holds off, the girls will host Emma Willard again today at 4:30.   – Coach Hudson and Coach Slaver

BNL Track and Field 5/3 Coach Recap

The BNL Track and Field teams defeated Holy Trinity and Emma Willard but just missed beating Hoosick Valley on Tuesday 5/3. The BNL girls 4×800 continued their winning streak . Nora Colin won the triple jump with Lora Acquaria winning the long jump and finishing 2nd in the 100 and 200’s. Sam Rokjer won the 100 hurdles and Sadie Giumarra was 1st in the 400. The BNL boy team members Matt Kluck, Ashton Evans and Tyler Carinci swept the triple jump placing 1,2,3. – Coach Burhans

BNL Modified Baseball Weekly Coach Recap

4/25 – 4/29

BNL Modified Baseball played three games in their first week of competition with contests against Hoosic Valley, Cambridge, and Hoosick Falls.  The season opener against Hoosic Valley (4/25) saw Kaleb Sweener (B) starting on the mound.  He threw three innings with four strikeouts.  Also leading the way for BNL on offense was Kaleb Sweener (B) who went one-for-two with a single and a stolen base.  Cale Maxon scored the first run of the season for BNL while adding two stolen bases of his own.

Game two (4/27) of the season for BNL was against Cambridge.  Jordan Harmon started at pitcher and managed two strikeouts.  Offensively, BNL struggled against solid pitching by Cambridge although Nick Davis (NL), Gabe Smith (B), Nicky Neet (B), and Taygen Berry (B) all got on base and managed stolen bases.

Game three (4/29) for BNL was against Hoosick Falls.  BNL kept the contest close in the early innings behind solid pitching by Myren Losaw (NL) who started on the mound and threw five strikeouts in two innings of work.  Offensively, BNL made huge gains in team on-base percentage and had their highest scoring output of the season thus far with four runs.  Leading the way for BNL was Jordan Harmon (B; AB-3, H-1, BB-2, SB-3, R-1), Thomas Dufor (NL; AB-2, H-1, SB-2), James Loucks (B; AB-2, H-1, R-1), and Cale Maxon (B; AB-2, H-1, BB-1).

BNL enters week 2 of their season looking to continue to improve with games against Mechanicville (5/3), Tamarac (5/5), and Waterford (5/7).

-Coach Moseley

BNL Modified Softball 5/5 Coach Recap

BNL Modified Softball traveled to Waterford on 5/5 and lost a hard fought battle 18-17 in the bottom of the seventh. Offense was powered by hits from Ava Long, Morgan Sharpe and Jaylynn Harmon. Defense was strong the last few innings led by solid play from Ava Long at third base and Jaylynn Harmon in the circle with 5 strike outs to end the game.
-Coach Caitlyn and Coach Pangburn