2024-25 Budget Approved by Voters

Dear NL Community,

I am thrilled to inform you that the New Lebanon Central School District’s 2024-2025 school budget passed this evening with a 69.9% majority (310 yes votes and 133 no votes). For this budget to pass at least a 60% majority of yes votes were needed. The bus proposition (which allows the district to purchase three 30-passenger buses) also passed with a 73% majority (322 votes and 118 no votes).

This outcome is a testament to every member of our district community. Tonight’s vote reaffirms the community’s long-standing commitment to our students and district. On behalf of the District, I want to thank you for your support of the New Lebanon Central School District. The approved 2024-2025 school budget will allow the district to continue the excellent academic programs and extracurricular opportunities for our students.

Our community elected board of education members Michael Brutsch and William Buckenroth to a three-year term. Congratulations to Mr. Brutsch and Mr. Buckenroth and thank you for your commitment to serve our district.

Thank you to all who voted in this year’s budget. We appreciate your support and dedication towards our New Lebanon school community.

Very Fondly,

Andrew Kourt
NL Superintendent