WBH Back to School Dates

We hope you are having a fantastic summer..  It’s never too early to start thinking about next school year.  Please mark your calendars with the following dates:

1.) Wednesday, August 29th – 10am- New Family Orientation

2.) Thursday, September 6th – First day of school for grades 1-6

3.) Thursday, September 6th –  9:30am to 11am –  PreK and Kindergarten Orientation.
(Families whom this pertains to will receive more details in the mail)

4.) Friday, September 7th – First day of school for students in grade PreK & K

5.) Friday, September 14th – 6:30pm – Welcome Back Picnic and Outdoor Movie Night – Sponsored by the WBH PTA

6.) Tuesday, September 18th – 6:30pm – WBH Open House