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New Lebanon CSD Policy Manual

Before & After School Program 2019-20

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2019 Proposed District Wide School Safety Plan
Preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan
2018 Academic Intervention Services
2018  APPR Plan
2018-2020 District Shared Decision Making Plan
Parents’ Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security
2018 Parental Access to APPR Scores
2018 Pesticide Application Notification
2018-19 WBH Code of Conduct
2018-19 JSHS Code of Conduct
2018-19 Athletic Code of Conduct
2018-19 Special Education District Plan
2018-21 Technology Plan
2016 Water Testing
Child Abuse Reporting Number
2016-17 Compliance Summary Special Education
2018-19 Hazard Communication Program
2018-19 PE Plan
Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
Preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan