New Lebanon Central School District

Student to meet with national leaders in Washington D.C.


Kendall Kelly, a junior at New Lebanon High School, was chosen to attend the National Young Leaders Conference (NYLC) this summer in Washington, D.C. Kendall was nominated by New Lebanon’s School Counselor, Meghan Pepe.

“This conference is a great opportunity for our motivated students to enhance their leadership traits, already making them an asset to our school community,” said Pepe.

In discussing Kendall Kelly, Pepe said, “A young woman such as Kendall Kelly will thrive in this program! Without reservation, I can say that Kendall will take full advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. She is a hard worker, has quite a vibrant personality, and more importantly- just a great person.”

The nine day program provides scholars with the opportunity to interact with a variety of personnel who operate within the three branches of government, the news media and the international community.

 “NYLC prepares students to serve our country well, whether that means as elected officials in our nation’s capital, as active members within communities around the world or as intelligent, creative and responsible members of the work force,” said Marguerite Regan, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Affairs for the Congressional Youth Leadership Council (CYLC), the organization that sponsors the Conference. “Through a series of simulations, we place these young leaders in the proverbial driver’s seat on a variety of issues facing our country today. Their determination, as shown within the Conference, is a good indicator of the types of leaders we will see in the future.”

Past highlights of this program have included welcoming remarks by a current or former member of Congress, made from the floor of the House of Representatives — a privilege that is seldom afforded to other groups. Students have also had opportunities to interact with prominent members of the Washington press corps at the National Press Club, in addition to meeting with senators and representatives or appointed staff members to discuss important issues facing the nation.

To complement the schedule of special meetings and briefings, students will participate in a number of leadership skill-building activities and simulations. The Conference culminates with the Model Congress, in which scholars assume the roles of U.S. Representatives and debate, amend and vote on proposed mock legislation.

CYLC is a nonpartisan, independent, educational organization. Since 1985, the Council has inspired more than 200,000 young people to achieve their full leadership potential.